Why are anime characters so attractive?

anime characters so attractive

Japan is a country that is known and loved by many people not only because of its extremely developed economy but also because of its unique culture. An artistic icon that has brought many people to Japan, as well as contributed to many achievements in the field of Japanese culture, is anime.

Anime is one of the famous anime genres originating from Japan and many countries worldwide. It is not only a film genre but also a unique artistic and cultural feature that has existed for a long time and is still maintained to this day. So why are Anime characters so attractive? Let’s find out with Janbox through the article below!

1. Anime changes the concept of “Animation”

“Anime” is actually just the Japanese way of pronouncing the word “animation” which means cartoon. So anime can be understood as Japanese animation. However, the anime itself completely changed the concept of “cartoon”. Usually, when it comes to “cartoons” we all immediately think of it as an entertainment product for children. However, the audience that anime targets have a very wide range.

Why are anime characters so attractive?

The themes anime conveys become broader and carry more mature issues. The content of the anime itself is therefore complicated. This complexity is in stark contrast to the “simple easy to understand” requirement in ordinary cartoons. And that’s why the character line often changes according to the development of the plot.

However, in regular cartoons, we will rarely see character development and change. For example, in “Rurouni Kenshin”, we can clearly see the difference between a cold Kenshin of the shogunate period and a gentle and smiling Kenshin of the post-shogunate era. Or with Dragon Ball, we see the characters from childhood to adulthood, having a family, and a transformation in strength, which is similar to Sailor Moon.

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2. Anime: Innovation and Development

When it was first formed, anime was heavily influenced by French, German, and Russian animation. Walt Disney’s resounding success with the 1937 film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” exerted a strong influence on Japanese animators. It was not until the 60s and 70s of the last century that the popularity of manga (Japanese comics) in Japanese society made anime transform.

From the 1950s, Japanese manga began to differentiate between male and female audiences. Many manga series was adapted into anime, and from there the anime also began to differentiate itself.

By the 1970s, the popularity of manga skyrocketed, followed by the growth of anime in the country and even abroad. Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy was one of the first anime series to be a huge success in the international market.

The anime adaptation, thereby also changing. And more and more, anime filmmakers themselves also explore new topics in their own way. Not only encapsulating each Japanese culture, but the producers also depict many different cultures around the world with anime. Mononoke Princess, Laputa, Evangelion, and Gundam anime series are typical examples.

It seems that about every 10 years, anime puts on a new outfit. The 60s was Astro Boy, the 1970s was Doraemon and Candy Candy, the 80s were Gundam era, and the 90s were Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, and Mononoke Princess.

From the inherent stereotypes, anime filmmakers have transformed and changed to create a “pattern” for themselves. Social needs are constantly changing, and manufacturers are also actively transforming, even ahead of the trend. From content to production, anime always breaks in its mold, which is an attractive point of this series.

3. Anime is not just entertainment, it is also educational for people

It can be said that anime is an entertainment product for everyone. In it, we can find a genre that matches our interests. But for those who like to watch anime, it is not merely entertainment, but it also brings great spiritual values.

The beauty of anime is that the context can be surreal, and the situations between the character’s experiences are extremely realistic. The combination of the “real” and the “unreal” is common in anime so that viewers can both immerse themselves in their imagination and can associate the characters with themselves.

Why are anime characters so attractive?

Manufacturers have used that to convey profound lessons about all areas of life. Watching cartoons, the lessons will be clearly stated by the characters, but watching anime, you have to analyze and think a lot to realize the author’s message. Whenever anime highlights a life lesson, they almost always go deep and help you connect with the characters in a way that regular movies never can.

Beautiful images and engaging content incorporating many profound and meaningful lessons are the attractions of Japanese anime.

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4. The characters aren’t real

Anime characters only exist in 2D. This makes them imaginary, and maybe that’s fascinating about them too — they don’t exist in reality. Therefore, readers can freely imagine a character they love and the stories that connect them with that character. No one can judge right or wrong, because the image of that character is in your imagination.

5. Understandable character expressions

In anime, expressions with animation can be greatly exaggerated. This makes the characters easier to understand and empathize with. For example, when they are shy or feel attracted to someone, they blush. When in tsundere mode, their expressions completely change, they pout and ‘hmph’ you. It’s easy to tell what’s going on as their expressions often match their mental state.

Why are anime characters so attractive?

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6. They have perfect physicality

Anime characters do not have the normal physical defects that we see in real people. Most of the time, they don’t have acne, stretch marks, or fat. Of course, this will have both positive and negative connotations. This characteristic represents the unattainable ideal of man. And anime characters that are cute can be considered ideal role models for your dream girl or boy.

7. Fanservice in anime

Fan service is the idea that the author creates in his works to please and attract more fans by giving the fans of a story exactly what they want. Although the term originated (and is still most commonly used) in connection with anime and manga, it is now used to describe the crowd-pleasing plot developments that occur in many types of stories and movies.

Why are anime characters so attractive?

Fan service is more common in anime, they often add ecchi (sexy), like characters with large breasts and revealing. Some often do this by including humorous, double-meaning, or even sexy scenes. Or the most beautiful anime characters male being created, with ideal bodies, and handsome faces that have attracted many female fans. And that can also be considered as a role model that men aim for.

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With the above information, you must have understood why are anime characters so attractive today, right? Find yourself a suitable anime and feel the uniqueness only in this series. Don’t forget to follow Janbox to read more useful information.